Is Your Audio Doing What It's Supposed To?


When coupled with the visuals and narrative, music and sound design is directly related to what viewer will feel and experience. It can make a scene feel natural, or it can clash in such a way that it feels deliberately jarring and uncomfortable. Whatever the intent, meticulously crafted audio will enhance any visual production and leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Audio Immersion Headphones

Incorrect Audio Completely Changes The Impact Of The Visuals


If you play the Benny Hill theme over The Shining, the music strips away the intense, visceral elements of the footage. If you remove the music from The Simpsons, and then play little snippets from Alien, every little comedic moment can suddenly have sinister psychological undertones.

A good audio designer and composer is able to recognize the appropriate emotional direction to steer the narrative (and thus the viewer) towards. A great audio designer does so without the viewer noticing.

Whether you’re producing a feature-length film or a 30 second TVC, the outcome of great audio design is the same; The development of a narrative and delivery of an emotional response at the exact moment you need it.

Build an emotionally engaging narrative through impeccable audio design.


How I Can Help Your TV or Film Production

  • Collaborate during planning stages of your project - planning audio design requirements in consideration of the project's specific needs, vibe, reference points and budget.

  • Conceptualise musical ideas and sound palettes that turn your creative ideas into something tangible.

  • Develop unique sonic characteristics, melodies and moods to give the project, character or brand it’s own standalone identity.

  • Develop remarkable, memorable melodies that are so easily digestable by viewers that they will still be humming it afterwards.

  • Establish and match mood/vibe/emotional needs of narrative and footage

  • Develop new (or replace existing) atmos, ambience or sound design to suit footage or narrative requirements.

  • Repair and salvage broken audio from poor recordings.

  • Produce, mix and master final audio to meet broadcast standards and delivery/format requirements.

Need help outside the hands-on creative work? I can:

  • Remotely enlist specialist audio staff and performers, giving you access to the best people possible regardless of in the world your project is based. Creating a synchronised working environment using technology is simple, wherever the physical location of the office.
  • Audio direction roles - assisting or managing teams of sound designers, composers, and everything in between. This ensures clear communication and cohesion across the entire audio department for ‘big picture’ stylistic decision making through to technical problem solving.
  • Help manage pipeline requirements and ensure asset quality control. One extra layer of quality control allows you to save time and energy for the major creative decisions, keeping you and your own workload out of an endless feedback loop.

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A small selection of favourites from recent TV & Film projects.

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A few words from some of the studios I'm fortunate to work with.

Matt Smolen

Chris is an incredibly talented composer and musician and we would not hesitate in recommending him and his work. With a professional worth ethic and an eye for detail, he’s easy to work with. We know we can brief him on what we want and get results time and time again.

He’s also a great collaborator, bringing ideas when needed, but taking direction incredibly well. Without Chris’ work, our film projects would be less impactful - as his music and composition elevate everything to the next level. We couldn’t speak higher of his services and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Matt Smolen

Director of Balloon Tree Productions

Chris was a complete legend to work with across multiple projects that had very different needs. I was happy to discover that he provided high quality and fast delivery on a large number of SFX -- not to mention direction and advice as we needed it.


Developers are often so busy crafting the visual and 'feel' based experience of a game that we tend to leave audio until later in the piece. Chris took a look at what we were asking for early in the project and came back to us with many questions and pointers aimed at giving us the highest quality sound work we could get. Oftentimes educating us about the best way to think and talk about sound during the development of an interactive product.


This made the audio production experience very smooth and helped us approach planning and budgeting more accurately the further we went on. I'd recommend Chris as a valuable asset to any game team that is looking for an audio producer to help them do their best and most efficient work while letting a real game audio pro do what he does best.

Jair McBain

Director & Lead Designer at 2Ginge

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