2017 – Orchestras, TVCs and Zombies

Once again, I blinked and suddenly we’re halfway through the year.

In short, 2017 has been MADNESS…but of the best sort.  Working with Erik and the team at audioforce has been some of the most incredible creative (and learning) experiences yet.  I’m constantly being challenged, and have covered the most ground in my career within the shortest time.  My writing quality and speed is improving by the week, and my production skills are growing exponentially.  I’m looking forward to leaving next week for a short European stint, where I will meet more of the team and work in their Berlin hub. In addition to this, it also looks as though I may be hopping over to Riga, Latvia to help run a songwriting seminar as well!  Here’s a couple of audioforce highlights of the year so far:

-Notating parts for a 100 guitar and 100 drum ensemble (Nissan TVC)
-Having my first piece played and recorded with a full orchestra in Angel Studios, UK (Project TBA)
-Scoring and working with high tier Japanese casts for a Smart Life share-housing initiative
-Successful pitches for brands such as Mitsubish, Square Enix, Toyota, Lava, Seem, Wing, DoCoMo and Kuracie.

Another recent project to from Japan was to help an old friend (Kevin Penkin) with his current workload – scoring anime series ‘Made In Abyss’.  While my contribution was meager (helping track and produce some vocal layers for a couple of scores), it gave me a glimpse into the anime world.  Consider me well and truly curious.

Amongst all the audioforce projects, I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months working in sound and character design/VO engineering for a couple of projects.  These have included making actors into zombies, robots, futuristic AI systems and warped, psychotic killing machines for survival horror/sci-fi game P.A.M.E.L.A, and a whole variety of nasty forest monsters and undead creatures for an upcoming fantasy brawler project (TBA later this year!).



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