GDC travel grants and moving up in the world

Holy moly, 2016.  What a way to start!

The last six weeks have seen some really interesting developments.  Much of my studio time has been invested into projects ranging from soundscapes to link monologues in live theatre productions, to some of the most fantastic voice acting showreel content to date, and then leaping miles away from the other two into to music and audio design for an exciting VR project with the BBC.  But aside from all this excitement, I’ve had two major game changers in the last two weeks.


I’m going to GDC!
I didn’t think it was going to be possible this year with a few project clashes, and was considering my options for taking on GDC Europe again instead.  BUT along with a brief gap opening around GDC time, I got some incredible news from Film Victoria’s GDC travel grant program.  So it looks like I’ll make it after all!  From all the amazing feedback I’ve heard from past attendees, this ought to be even more of an eye-opening experience than GDC Europe (and the GDCE/Gamescom combination totally blew my mind!).  Looking forward to investigating a little of the US industry first hand, and meeting even more fantastic game devs and audio crew.  Cannot.  Wait.

And last but definitely not least:

I’m now The Otherworld Agency’s Audio Director/Manager for Australia!
Having known Fabian for a little while now and having worked together across a variety of settings, he caught me totally off guard with a phonecall during my drive home from Global Game Jam a couple of weeks back.  I was under the impression he had a couple of projects for me to jump on board with, and he in fact offered me an amazing opportunity to become further involved with The Otherworld Agency’s stellar talent.  So from here on, I will be taking on more audio director roles for quite a number of projects based both locally and internationally, and have already been able to jump in and assist with one of the most exciting games in development at the moment.  All to be revealed in good time, so watch this space!


Chris O'Neill

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