Metal Gear Solid V, Rebound and Europe

After a giant Facebook post last night, the cat is well and truly out of the bag:

I recently worked on a piece for the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

You can read the original post here, but the TL:DR of it is that I pitched for an opportunity, got it, and ended up working on a total re-imagining of ‘Snake Eater’ from MGS3, with Donna Burke on vocals and Hideo Kojima himself giving feedback throughout the process (and ultimately the go-ahead).  Really cool stuff.

This was an amazing and eye-opening experience, and an opportunity that I’m very grateful for.  In the midst of an ever-expanding creative whirlwind, I was lucky enough to have my agent Fabian help call together a team of some of the most brilliant musicians and audio guys I’ve ever worked with.  Their ability and work ethic was exemplary, as was their patience.  Here’s hoping this is a solid career stepping stone for all of us!

In other news, sporty-FPS Rebound is taking shape at a very rapid pace.  I’ve had the chance to play through a few matches, and even with only a couple of players the pace of the game is intense.  Visually the guys and girls have done a stellar job, as to be expected with some of the amazing UE4 tutorials they do.  From an audio perspective, expect plenty of big booms, zaps and a pumping rock/sci-fi soundtrack.

Finally…Europe.  GDC and Gamescom were unbelievable, as was getting to meet so many amazing new faces.  The industry is well and truly brimming with talent and drive on that side of the pond, and it’s great to see it first hand.  The holiday aspect hasn’t quite worn off yet, but I’m planning to use that as drive to get back to do it all again next year.  Maybe even GDC in the US as well if I’m not locked up in projects!  Fingers crossed.


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