GDC EU/Gamescom, The Otherworld Agency and more!

So it’s been a pretty manic couple of months over here in camp FFA. As always, there’s cool things in the works that have not been publicly announced yet BUT a couple of things I can talk about:

GDC Europe and Gamescom – I’ll be heading over to Germany to take on GDC Europe and Gamescom in early August. This will be my first time at either of them, so I’m looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of new faces and getting a better glimpse at what’s happening on the other side of the planet. That, and I’m a big fan of German beer 😀

I’m also hanging out to meet a few more of the composers and audio dudes from…

The Otherworld Agency – After some exciting international developments, Mr Fabian Malabello has invited me to join the rosters of The Otherworld Agency, an agency specialising in all facets of game audio. My picture is currently sharing space with composers who have worked on games such as Alien Isolation, Need for Speed, the Angry Birds series and Starbound. To say I’m stoked is an understatement.

Projects – Work in progress

-36 Questions (Feature) – Not long now! A couple of things to finalise and my part in this project is done.
-Arx (Game) – I’ve been busy exploring moods and colour pallets to best use within the exploration and non-combat areas of the game. Think darker elements of LOTR, Jeremy Soule, WoW soundtrack. Man, I love this stuff.
Rebound (Game) – I’ll be tearing into this one in the coming months. I had a (very pre-alpha) play through with the Pub Games team about a month ago and it looks to be fuuuuuuuun.

Projects – Finished

-Power In The Audition Room (Audio book) – Released!
Brivis: Iceberg (Advertising video) – Released!
New Frontier (Documentary series) – Production finished, about to be released



Chris O'Neill

GDC EU/Gamescom, The Otherworld Agency and more!

So it's been a pretty manic couple of months over here in camp FFA. As always, there's cool things in...

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