2014 Wrap-up

Wow.  What a year.  I feel as though I say the line “This year has been the biggest yet!” every single time, but the truth is the last few years have been one constant staircase of project size and scale. Here’s some of my favourite parts of 2014, and a couple of the things I can discuss for 2015!


  • 36 Questions (First feature film)
  • Know Pathology (First national TVC)
  • Federation Bells Composition Competition (Runner up)
  • A bunch of awards and accolades for Chris and Josh (Webseries)
  • Successful grant applications for Arx and Rebound (Pub Games – PC)
  • Additional composition for ‘Misadventures’ CD (The Native Architects – Studio production)
  • Voiceover acting, recording and post-production for ‘Trapper’ character (Primal Carnage: Extinction – Pub Games)
  • Meetings, coffee and a beer or three with some of the biggest names in music and game audio in the country.


  • 36 Questions (Release)
  • Arx (Content creation and release)
  • Rebound (Content creation and release)
  • Wander (Release)
  • Power In The Audition Room audiobook (Clare Dea, Release)

Keep your eyes peeled, there’s still plenty to be announced!  Stay safe over the holiday period, see you in the new year.


Chris O'Neill

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