Projects, Primal and PAX

Just when I thought things couldn’t get busier, along comes the last couple of weeks!  Who needs sleep anyway, right?


So here’s a few updates and things to share:

-The roughs for 36 Questions (feature film) are pretty much done.  A couple of things to lock in and hey presto!

-Mr Chris Murphy pulled me back into the  studio for Primal Carnage: Extinction not just to record in-game dialogue…but to be a voice actor!  So if you buy the game (PC/PS4) and play the Trapper class, you get to hear exactly what I might sound like getting chomped by a T-Rex.

-PAX Australia is crazy.  I had my first experience of it last weekend, and am still recovering today.  But it’s safe to say that the future of the industry is in some pretty talented hands, that’s for sure.

-My first national TV commercial campaign is going live shortly for Pathology Australia, under the ‘Know Pathology, Know Healthcare’ branding.

-Last week I met Order of Australia Medalist, Richard Gill.  He presented my work ‘Mantra’ (Federation Bells Composition Competition) as part of a council strategy presentation.

-I’ve just uploaded a couple of new audios – one is a recent collection of snippets from voice acting showreels and audiobook dialogue from all the VO work I’ve been receiving, and the other is something I chipped away at in any spare time over the last few months.  It’s an orchestral arrangement of ‘And So It Goes’ by Billy Joel, and I’m quite fond of it.  Check out to have a listen

I’m sure there’s other things to tell, but I think I need to call it a night!


Chris O'Neill

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