Project updates and new audio link

Hey guys,

It occurred to me the other day that I hadn’t actually posted here recently, so here’s some news!

36 Questions is coming along nicely.  A couple of festival submission options have changed, so we’ve been given a little more breathing room in production (woo!).  Justin, Danny (our new engineer) and I recently did final tracking of drums (big thanks to Leo Williams) and will be tackling final guitar revisions this weekend.  Final edits are just around the corner, so really looking forward to locking everything down.  Primal Carnage’s next announcement trailer is nearly here, and other projects such as Arx and Rebound are edging closer and closer to proper kickoff.  As excited as I am to tear into these I’m kinda praying for no serious overlap! (Yeah right…)

In the meantime, I’ve had a little tinker with putting some brand new plug-ins into some older projects.  New toys from companies such as Tokyo Dawn Labs, Camel Audio, Eventide and some goodies from Native Instruments.  Here’s a link to a piece I worked on a couple of years back for Swinburne University and Pub Games, that got a small facelift this week with the new gadgetry.  More project details on the link. Enjoy!

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