First Feature Film – 36 Questions

I’ve been holding off on details of this for a little while, but I can finally announce my FIRST FEATURE FILM PROJECT: 36 Questions!!

The film promises to be a very clever little rom-com, and is inspired by actual research into the more scientific elements of falling in love.  Filming has wrapped up in the last few days, so not long now until my old study buddy Justin Cavenagh and I get to sink our teeth into the music side of it!


  • Cassandra Magrath (Wolf Creek, Winners and Losers)
  • James Mason (Neighbours, Killervision)
  • Will Moore (Neighbours)
  • Cate Commisso (The Playbook, It’s Not You.  It’s Bree.)
  • Anna Samson (Offspring, Conspiracy 365)

Directed by Janis Coffey and written by Daniel James Bevan.

To stay updated, check out the 36 Questions Facebook page



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