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What Happens When You Mute The Audio?

It breaks the experience. Terrifying creatures become laughable, heart wrenching moments turn tacky, and any sense of real immersion is lost. It’s hard to relate to, identify with, and understand the true depth and context of what’s being offered through the experience.

Badly produced audio has the same effect as muting it altogether. In fact, it’s likely worse than no audio at all! No matter how perfect the rest of your visual production is, if the audio is badly designed or implemented, the audience will just feel that something’s wrong. The last thing you want is to let your project down with a poorly constructed, immersion breaking audio experience.

From conceptualizing project design, to creation of environmental sound effects, dialogue direction/engineering and music production, I’ll ensure that your visual production is enhanced by memorable, emotive, and innovative audio design. Together, we'll give your audience the unforgettable experience you're looking for.

Muted Audio



A small selection of my personal favourites

Easter Rising Voice of A Rebel
Canon a picture of you





A few words from some of the studios I'm fortunate to work with.

Matt Smolen

Chris is an incredibly talented composer and musician and we would not hesitate in recommending him and his work. With a professional worth ethic and an eye for detail, he’s easy to work with. We know we can brief him on what we want and get results time and time again.

He’s also a great collaborator, bringing ideas when needed, but taking direction incredibly well. Without Chris’ work, our film projects would be less impactful - as his music and composition elevate everything to the next level. We couldn’t speak higher of his services and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Matt Smolen

Director of Balloon Tree Productions
Kylie Pic edit

As a new business, it's essential that we partner with the right talent.

Since working with Chris O’Neill we have found him to be very helpful, often going above and beyond both on set and in the studio. We have quickly learned we can rely on Chris and his work for both quality and turnaround times. On a personal level, we feel he shares our values with being transparent and collaborative always.

Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Kylie Risson

Kenny Productions (Founder)
In my line of work, I have to be brutally selective with the talent we work with (at The Otherworld Agency). Good musicians don't make the cut, and only some great musicians actually do, because our reputation balances primarily on the talent we work with.
Chris is one of those freaks of nature who can do everything: write great songs, sing well, produce, create awesome sound effects, manage teams, and most importantly, gets on well with every single person he encounters. Not only an invaluable asset to any production team, he's also an invaluable friend. 

Fabian Malabello

Managing Director of The Otherworld Agency

Chris was a complete legend to work with across multiple projects that had very different needs. I was happy to discover that he provided high quality and fast delivery on a large number of SFX -- not to mention direction and advice as we needed it.


Developers are often so busy crafting the visual and 'feel' based experience of a game that we tend to leave audio until later in the piece. Chris took a look at what we were asking for early in the project and came back to us with many questions and pointers aimed at giving us the highest quality sound work we could get. Oftentimes educating us about the best way to think and talk about sound during the development of an interactive product.


This made the audio production experience very smooth and helped us approach planning and budgeting more accurately the further we went on. I'd recommend Chris as a valuable asset to any game team that is looking for an audio producer to help them do their best and most efficient work while letting a real game audio pro do what he does best.

Jair McBain

Director & Lead Designer at 2Ginge

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